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This podcast is all about amplifying leading voices from the fringe (mainly women + people of color) who are guiding us toward wholeness in life + leadership, in full partnership with men.

Our hope is that through this podcast you will feel seen, emboldened, + compelled toward life in its fullness.

Join us, Warriors + Allies.

Every episode focuses on guiding you toward
wholeness in life + leadership
in partnership between men + women.

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Michael Yoder - The Global Fringe

EPISODE 31: Michael Yoder
Season 3: New Season. New Focus.

We're back! It’s the beginning of Season 3! As we kick off this season I'm taking you behind the mic with my brother from another mother, producer Michael Yoder, Founder of Truth-Work Media. We talk a bit about the impetus for starting The Global Fringe (HINT: it involved me getting fired) and a sneak peek about what’s coming this season. Every episode this season will focus on guiding you toward wholeness in life + leadership in partnership between men + women. I grill Michael about what both wholeness + partnership looks like in his own life + leadership, especially as a privileged white man. I also spill the beans about the phenomenal guests coming this season. Welcome back, friends!

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Irene Cho - The Global Fringe

EPISODE 32: Irene Cho
Your Enneagram Leadership Warnings + Opportunities

The Enneagram is the most transformative tool we’ve both ever used in life + leadership (and we’ve used a lot of them)! In this episode we identify why it’s more than a personality or self-awareness assessment, and describe one opportunity and one warning for each type. If you’re new to the Enneagram, your curiosity will be peaked as we reveal how the opportunities and warnings play out in real life. If you’re a leader, you must listen to this for your own self-leadership, but for also so you can lead those around you from a healthier place.

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Susie Gamez - The Global Fringe podcast

EPISODE 33: Susie Gamez
Managing the tensions of multiple callings

If you find yourself overwhelmed by juggling the different demands, challenges, opportunities, + interests in your life, this episode will give you hope. As a wife, mother of four young kids, pastor, national speaker, writer, and justice advocate, Susie offers her own messy story as a way to pursue wholeness. Instead of looking at the multiple callings of our life like they’re competing for our attention, shift your mindset to view them as you would circuit training. We talk about “having it all” and offering a better word than “balance” to navigate life’s tensions. Susie is wicked smart, humble, and wise as she opens up about all things in partnership, rhythms, and paying attention to warning flags. You’ll manage your own life tension with more grace after listening to this spiritual leader.

If you’re an aspiring female speaker, check out the Women’s Speaker Collective Bootcamp

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Ashlee Eiland - The Global Fringe

EPISODE 34: ashlee eiland
transition brings clarity

Transition and loss are inevitable if you’re a living, breathing human. When you’re a leader, those losses can be public and even more devastating. Ashlee Eiland knows this too well. She was in a public role at Willow Creek Community Church 18 months ago when the scandal broke. Over the last year and a half, she’s needed to navigate her internal journey alongside leading others through a massive betrayal and loss. With brave vulnerability, Ashlee lets us in on how she’s processed confusion, fear, loss, and feeling overwhelmed. She offers her own story as a guide for how to leave when you know your time is up, what to do if fear isn't a part of the equation, keys to not spinning out of control, the role of clarity in transitions, and what loss reveals. Ashlee also offers the #1 lesson she’s learned in transition. This episode is packed with wisdom. If transition or loss is a part of your own journey, this episode will breathe life and hope into your journey toward wholeness.

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Danielle Strickland - The Global Fringe
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 35: Danielle Strickland
your life as a tree

Breathe in: BE. Breathe out: LOVED. You are beloved. Danielle goes deep fast into how to grow deep roots in our tree of life. What daily, weekly, and monthly postures and practices root us in love? Danielle shows us her personal transformational pathway. We like celebrating the fruit of our lives, but what if the fruit is rotten or bitter? Instead of “shoulding” all over ourselves, go back to the roots. They reveal our deeply held beliefs, which lead to the trunk or values of our life. The branches represent our actions and show up in the fruit of our lives. Danielle believes we must pay attention to our body, soul, and spirit in order to cultivate wholeness, but our body shows us what’s really going on. It will open us up to more.

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Nick Roach - The Global Fringe
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 36: Nick roach
the home team

What can a former NFL linebacker turned stay-at-home dad teach us about partnering as a husband and father? So much! Nick has done two things very few men do in their lives: compete at the highest level of football for 8 years and become a stay-at-home dad. In this episode Nick shares about what true masculine strength looks like (SPOILER: opposite of toxic masculinity), how the posture conflict is critical for intimacy, and what he’s intentionally giving his kids that he never had. Nick opens up with tender strength about supporting his wife and kids’ dreams, even at his own expense. Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this episode is April failing to make sports analogies. #epicfail

Mike Park - The Global Fringe
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 37: Mike Park
Women make me better

Can men and women be friends? We’re betting on it! Rules don’t address staying healthy within the guardrails. Deep friendship and healthy partnership are not only possible – but needed! – between men and women. Though a strong, independent woman raised him, theologically Mike required a shift in how he thought about women in life and leadership. Over the years, women have been the greatest truth tellers and most courageous voices in his life. We get real and practical about how our 9 years of friendship works, how we feel about the Billy Graham rule, and wisdom warnings to honor. This episode is a personal, behind-the-scenes look at what’s possible when honor, respect, love, and equality guide a friendship.

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Nancy Beach - The Global Fringe
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 38: Nancy beach
Power + Partnership

Nancy Beach reluctantly found herself as a leader pursuing justice within an abuse scandal at Willow Creek Community Church. Over the last five years, Nancy has worked diligently with victims and key leaders to expose the truth, bring healing, and restoration in the midst of one of the most public evangelical scandals in America. She’s now focused on helping leaders and churches work toward better partnership between men and women in leadership. In this episode she honestly exposes and courageously challenges the current narrative about power, abuse, female exclusion, and owning our stories. She offers her dream for the future and two ways to partner better among genders, starting with the belief: “You’re my brother. You’re my sister.”

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Kadi Kole Headshot.jpg
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 39: Kadi Kole
Glass Ceilings and sticky Floors

What’s the one word that best describes being a female leader? Kadi Cole gives her best response based on 25 years of corporate and church executive leadership, and over 1200 surveys and 30 interviews. Knowing what it’s like to be a female leader gives men and women an opportunity to lead together better. In this episode, we talk about building bridges so men and women can better partner together in leadership. Understanding the differences in how we listen empowers us to truly hear one another. She also unpacks the “sticky floor” principle and two practical ways we can move beyond limiting internal conversations. Finally, Kadi gives women specific advice about how to negotiate your compensation package when you know there’s unfair (and illegal!) disparity.

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Steve Carter - The Global Fringe
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 40: Steve Carter

Dr. Wes Beavis
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 41: Dr. Wes Beavis

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Chris Marlow - The Global Fringe
The Global Fringe

EPISODE 42: Chris Marlow

Women are brilliant

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