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Feet, Ocean, + Freedom: Why I Needed This Coaching Group

Megan Kallenbach - Ezer + Co.

Megan Kallenbach

Guest Post

I was standing on the edge of the road looking down at the water. As I strolled the path, I felt the wind gusting through my hair. The sound of the ocean was roaring through my ears. As I sat down to look out and embrace the moment, I had this thought: ”I just have to put my feet in.” That thought and feeling wouldn’t leave my body until almost instinctively I headed for the shore. I’m not sure what made those thoughts come to me. Maybe it was the desire to wash away the last season of my life. The season that broke me and rebuilt me all in one. I felt like I was a phoenix that rose from the ashes.

Before I started this journey, I was a broken woman, barely surviving. You see, I was in this journey to motherhood through unconventional means. In January of 2018, I became a foster mom. In February, I got placed with the best little baby girl the world has ever known. For awhile, I felt on top of the world. I was leading three ministries through transitions, I was a mom for the first time, and I honestly felt like I was rocking it all. Of course, we know that things never stay that way. My church had decided that I was not the person they were looking for to continue leading the ministries, so they started to look for someone else. They found that person and unfortunately I felt a tension in that relationship. It wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t my fault; it was the result of a bad situation overall. Shortly after that, I got a call for a little toddler, in which that “yes” turned my next season into one of the hardest I have ever experienced. All of a sudden, I was bearing the weight of disappointment and the feeling of being overwhelmed in a constant state.

Realizing I needed help, I heard about this Women In Leadership Cohort. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I realized I needed something. The trajectory I was headed was not good for me nor the children I was caring for. So I signed up. That single moment changed everything for me.

I remember going into the first retreat so broken. I wasn’t sure the ladies would like me. Heck, I didn’t even like me at this point. I was stressed and overwhelmed and that was a baseline for my life. I remember people always saying, “I’m not sure how you do it.”; meaning be a single parent and work full time. Truthfully, I’m not sure how I made it through those first months either. It was clearly Jesus and coffee, because there was no other way. Parenting is hard enough, but parenting trauma is harder. Then factor in that I was in a position at a church that I loved so much but wasn’t happy anymore. It was a tough season. As April asked the hard questions and gave us room to search our souls, I began my wrestling stage. When I finally felt like I was ready to give up, life shifted. A job opened that seemed like a dream and I began my crawl out of the space I was in. Parenting was getting easier and routine began.

By the time we got to the second retreat, I was in a completely different place. Noticeably different. Even the other ladies could see the actual physical changes in me. Hope. I had hope. But I wasn’t done yet. I needed one more thing: forgiveness.

As my feet touched the water, I breathed in and out, thinking of the people, the hopes, the promises broken, that I needed to forgive. I felt the tinge of cold surge through my whole body. I felt alive. It was time to let go. Let go of it all. The journey was long and hard but it brought me to this place, this moment. The moment where I could look back and see the faithfulness of God. The point where I could let go of those hurts and decide to wash it away in the salty, cold water. In that moment, it was like I let Jesus Himself wash my feet as He said, “I am here, I love you, well done my faithful servant”. Then, as fast as it started, the moment was gone and I was on a plane back. But I will forever remember that moment. The moment I felt free.

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Thoughts from Megan after our first coaching retreat:

Our next coaching group starts September 24-26th. If you need to shift your self-leadership investment like Megan did, say “YES” to yourself and your leadership.

Have some reasons (aka excuses) about why you can’t say yes right now? Megan personally paid for her own coaching group experience. Single momma of 2 foster girls, working full-time in job that was strangling her soul. She found childcare for her foster daughters. She sacrificed financially to make it happen. Her transformation mattered that much to her. She’s a new woman as a result of what she learned and did in those 6-months.

Say “YES”. You are worth it.

You Are Here

You Are Here - coaching group
If you want to go somewhere you haven’t gone you must do something you haven’t done. Make the damn investment. You are worth it. Learning alongside women who bring their full humanity to the table and lead from a place of wholeness.
— Gabrielle E.

You are here.

Before you can get to Point B, you have to identify Point A.

I’m traveling this week. I’m speaking at a high school camp in the wooded hills of southern-ish Oregon. It’s stunning. I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now, stealing a couple of hours away in order to define where I am right now in life and leadership. July is over today. August begins tomorrow. In the next week Brian and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary and my 40th birthday. Our kids go back to school in 13 days (Yes, I’m counting. Judge if you wish). Another summer break has come and is nearly gone (the kids broke me…not the other way around). Another year of marriage and pursued partnership together. Another decade of my life has nearly concluded.

I am here.

When I got into my rental car at the Eugene airport, the first thing I did was plug in my phone to the car’s USB and pull up my maps to get directions to the camp. Before I could even type in the address, it asked me where I was. Was the Eugene airport my “current location”? Before I could get directions to where I wanted to end up, I had to identify my current location.

Truth is, there were about 6 different ways I could get to the camp. I could take the scenic route. I could take the highway. I could choose a route that would maybe shave a few minutes off my time, but risk getting stuck behind a logger truck that would add 30 minutes to my commute. I could take the route with more miles but I could drive faster and get there in the same time. Did I want to take the most direct route? Which route would give me cell reception for the most amount of the drive.

Decisions. Decisions.

But it started with identifying where I started. I decided that I wanted the route my friend, Robb, told me to take. It wasn’t the route my maps app kept telling me to take. It wasn’t the directions the camp emailed me. I wanted the directions from a trusted guide. I wanted to follow his lead. I also wanted to take the route with the least probability for interruptions, distractions, extra turns, and had the most access to lunch options. I began knowing that I was tired from a half-day of travel and I didn’t want all the extra guess work. I knew that I wanted to conserve mental energy because I needed to speak when I got to camp. I assessed that I wanted cell phone access for as long as possible. So, I chose Robb’s route.

Life + leadership are the same way.

There are multiple routes to the same destination. But to get to Point B, you need to identify three things:

POINT A: Where are you now?

This is non-negotiable. Where are you starting? What’s happening in your body, mind, and spirit that will inform where you go from here? What’s missing? What do you not have now that you want in the future? Defining reality is the starting point to going anywhere worth going. Identifying your starting point is a critical first step. Most of us begin with what we want and where we want to be. But just like a maps app, you cannot get to Point B without first specifically knowing where you are today.

POINT B: Where are you going?

If you want to live fully, you need a direction. You need to determine where you want to end up. The more specific you are about what you want and where you want to be, the more likely it is for you to end up in that preferred future. While you likely won’t have a detailed strategic plan for the next 10 years, you need to be able to articulate what you’re dreaming, wanting, and imagining for your future. Designing a life you love is the best work you get to do with your life.

COACHING: Who will guide you?

None of us are self-made. No one gets to where they want to go without a company of others who help them along the way. All of us need guides who will help us get from Point A to Point B. You don’t just need a guide, you need a road map; a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. If you didn’t need a guide and a road map, you would already be at Point B. Just as Robb gave me insider tips so I knew how to get to camp in the best way, we need others who will show us how to move in the direction we choose.

(PS. The fun part of this story is that I’ve coached Robb in a couple different points to move him from where he was to where he wanted to be. It’s been such a fun week speaking into his people .)

Leaders, you need more than you may even realize. If you have the holy responsibility of taking people to places where they need to go, it starts within you. You need to know your personal Point A, Point B, and have guides because we all know that leaders can only take people to places where they’ve first gone.

But then, you also need to know where you’re taking your people.

That’s what we are committed to providing at Ezer + Co.

In September a Coaching Group for Women in Leadership will begin a 6-month journey together. I cannot imagine a better journey for you to figure out the best route for your life + leadership. Enroll today. Spots are filling up and you are worth it.

As a woman leading outside of a church, this was an incredible opportunity to sharpen skills and examine myself deeply. Deeply. Taking this time to do the inner work, with the guidance and wisdom or April has created life change in me that I couldn’t have done alone. I have done the work and am ready to be launched into living in true wholeness as who I’ve been created to be.
— Jackie D.

Introducing! A Coaching Group for Women in Leadership

Coaching Group-Lead Yourself


More than ever, women with leadership and teaching gifts must be at the table, in meetings, on stages, and fully showing up in all areas of life.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve walked with thousands of teenagers and women. The most important thing to fully show up in your whole life is self-leadership. If something isn’t working in your life, I guarantee you, it’s related to self-leadership. This area of leadership determines your success and health in every other area of your life. Full stop.

Over and over and over again, I’ve seen women struggle to lead themselves to the next level effectively and it shows up all over their lives and leadership. How do you…

+     Manage your inner conversations

+     Live from your unique wiring – personality, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, spiritual pathways

+     Manage your energy and recovery

+     Powerfully use your voice

+     Build a team for your life and leadership

+     Lead your boss, co-workers, and followers

Here’s the problem: There’s a gap.

There’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. There’s a gap between who you are and who you’ve been created to be. The gap is in your unrealized potential. As an Ezer, you are created to live and lead wholeheartedly. This coaching group will guide you to close the gap.

This 6-month coaching group is intentionally designed for ten women in spiritual leadership. I’m committed to guide you in the company of these warrior women through: 

+     Two in-person coaching retreats

+     Four 3-hour webinars

+     Four 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions

+     One guided personal retreat 

Each month, you will read a book specifically selected to catalyze growth and customize action steps to produce transformation. 

A guide and a company of warrior women will catalyze your growth unlike anything else. 

The magic ingredient in this group is YOU. It’s the brilliance of ten women from different walks of life and leadership contributing their experiences, ideas, courage, wisdom, vulnerability, and friendship. There's something powerful about the mixture of a group of like-minded women, walking together with the accountability of a trained coach. Journeying with a safe group of peers cultivates fertile soil for long-lasting change. 

Conferences and social media groups can be helpful, but they rarely produce the kind of customized transformation that next-level leaders require. This group will catalyze you further in six months than you could go in five years on your own.

Want to talk about it with me? Let’s talk.


+     PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER: Complete assessments and read assigned book

+     SEPTEMBER 24-26th: 48-hour Coaching Retreat in Orange County, CA

+     OCTOBER: 3-hour Webinar and 1on1 Coaching

+     NOVEMBER: 3-hour Webinar, 1on1 Coaching, and Guided Personal Retreat

+     DECEMBER: 3-hour Webinar and 1on1 Coaching

+     JANUARY: 3-hour Webinar and 1on1 Coaching

+     FEBRUARY/MARCH: 48-hour Coaching Retreat in Orange County, CA 

+     ONGOING ONLINE CONNECTION: Private Facebook group for the purpose of ongoing encouragement, interaction, resource sharing, and ideas

< October - February dates will be chosen by participants >


$1500 (plus travel and resources expenses). Payments available, if needed.

Coaching Group - Value Yourself

You are worth it.

These six months can be immeasurably more than anything you could ask or imagine. What will you gain by saying YES? 

You are loved, Ezer Warrior.

You are an Ezer

Here Breathing (feat. Amena Brown Owen)

Ever forget to breathe?

Have difficulty taking deep breaths in stressful moments?

Me too.

Breathing is essential to being alive. It’s core to living fully in your body, mind, and spirit. And yet, too often we hold our breath, take hurried, shallow breaths, or are gasping for breath because we feel like we’re drowning.

Last year I hosted my friend, Amena Brown Owen, on my podcast, The Global Fringe. We talked about what it’s like to be black and female in America. If you’ve ever heard Amena preach through her gift of spoken word, you know that she uses her voice with powerful poignancy and persuasion. In the episode, we talked about redefining womanhood when it all doesn’t go as planned, the beauty and terror of being black, and how to care for your soul in it all. A storyteller at heart, Amena weaves us through her narrative, easily finding connection to ours. I asked if she’d be willing to share her poem “Here Breathing” with us. Generously, she agreed.

Take a deep breath. Listen. You are still here. Breathing.

Written + Performed by Amena Brown Owen
DP/Editor Zac Holben from Friendly Human

This fall, ten women in spiritual leadership from all over the country will intentionally connect for six months. Imagine not drowning in your life and leadership. Imagine what it would look and feel like to be set on fire, breathing deeply and fully, with purpose. Join us.

Get all the details and apply HERE.

Ezer + Co. Coaching Group - Drowning Breath