Established in March 2019
with scrambled eggs, champagne, + thousands of butterflies


I’ve never launched a brand new company before, so knowing the prime time was elusive at best. That’s until my 9-year-old daughter decided to do her school oral presentation on Women’s History Month. If you don’t know my girl, she’s so much like her momma, though I didn’t bear her in my body. She’s strong and sassy, tender and sensitive, opinionated and unsure of herself, powerful and vulnerable. Her speech’s punch line went something like this: “Women’s History Month is important because women are strong and important and have changed the world.” There ya have it.

My daughter showed me it was time to launch when we’re in the stream of the company of women who’ve gone before us – shattering ceilings, breaking down walls, staying the course in opposition, standing in solidarity with each other, holding each other’s babies so they could do it all, fighting against the barriers created to hold them back. Even though this company is an embryo of what she’ll be as she grows, she needed to be birthed in the middle of the greater story we’re continuing today. Ezer + Co. will be formed in the company of women with vision, skills, ideas, capacity, and stories beyond anything I could bring on my own.

The day Ezer + Co. became an official LLC, March 13th, my attorney-friend, Lady Di and I celebrated with scrambled eggs and champagne toasts at 9am. That was also the day the painted ladies butterfly migration was at her peak. Millions of butterflies flew through Orange County. It felt like a smile and blessing from the God of the Universe. Since my days of infertility over a decade ago, God’s reminded me of the process of becoming a butterfly. It’s ugly. It’s dark, painful, utterly crushing, and totally transformative. The old is made into something new and when the breakthrough happens, there is freedom and flying.

I don’t like the transformation process, but I’m committed to fly. Perhaps you are, too.

Sipping champagne at 9am, watching the butterflies fill the sky on their journey toward freedom, tears fell as I imagined you and me and all we are yet to become.



Ezer+ Co., April Diaz - Founder

April l. diaz - Founder + lead warrior

April has been a visionary and challenger her entire life. She never imagined launching a company like this, and yet nothing has ever felt so right. It literally feels like a lifetime of preparation to build this company of warriors. As a certified Leadership and Wellness Coach, she believes we were created for more. That’s why she loves developing leaders on the margins of culture in caring for their body, mind, and spirit. Curating and cultivating teams is one of her favorite things. Secretly, she’s a mix of a total girly girl and a tomboy, and is still crazy about her high school sweetheart, Brian. Together, they co-parent 3 fabulous kiddos and live in Orange County, CA.

Ezer + Co. - Tamara Carpenter

Tamara Carpenter - trainer + coach

Tamara spent 17 years in Portugal with her husband as bi-vocational missionaries. Fluent in Portuguese, Tamara co-founded an inner healing ministry while also running their family’s business. Since returning to the States, Tamara has served on her church’s board, been a career consultant, and assessed professionals being considered for overseas assignments.

Tamara’s real passion, though, is walking alongside women in their pain to help them understand their worth, find their unique voice, and discover the power in their stories.

Tamara currently lives in Orange County, CA with her husband John, their daughter and son. Tamara loves writing, jogging, eating great food she doesn’t have to cook, drinking great wine, and traveling.

Heather Henderson - Ezer + Co.

Heather Henderson - Coach

Heather has been an ambitious, “get it done” kind of person her whole life. Along the way, she realized that getting it done requires not just hard work and drive, but also internal, personal transformation. She spent three years as a middle school Spanish teacher and loves any opportunity to be immersed in Spanish! She is a former pastor at a large, multi-ethnic, diverse church in Maryland and is now a certified leadership coach, speaker, and writer. 

She is passionate about helping people discover and live the best version of their lives. She gets especially excited about working alongside young people as they are growing into who they are becoming. She lives in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. with her husband, three kids, and their dog, a boxer named June. Heather loves D.C. sports, travel, reading, baking, and learning! 

Michael Fukuda - Ezer + Co.


everyday EZERS contributing daily!

This company is literally being built every day by women and men who believe “IT’S TIME!” It’s time for women to live + lead fully in every area of our world.

We’d love you to contribute your gifts to this vision. Message us for how you’d like to to join the team.

Thanks already to Elle, Brooklyn, Irene, Greer, Diane, Jen, Karli, Amy, Kelly, Anneke, April, Becki, Kem, Gabrielle, Maribel, Sara, Nancy, Mark, and Mika for their belief in this dream. Solidarity Sisters.