Your transformation toward wholeness + partnership is our mission.

We are committed to guiding women through transformative connections, coaching, + courses to live + lead with wholeness, in partnership with men.

You’re needed here. Join us here. It’s time to create a new future for women in partnership with men.

Women, you are an Ezer.


We value faith + leadership, which are expressed in everything we do.


+ You are loved + worthy. This is our starting point. You have been created good.

+ We belong together + to one another. Competition has no place in our theology or practice. Collaboration is what we do.

+ Your whole story matters, the broken + beautiful. Where you come from matters as much as where you're going.

+ Vulnerability is your strength. Courage+ curiosity keep us all moving forward.

+ You are created to live a generous, "only God" kind of life. Scarcity + comfort are the enemy of growth.


+ Self-leadership is primary. We nurture self-leadership as the most important direction of influence.

+ We stand for partnership with men. The response to patriarchy isn't matriarchy; it's partnership.

+ We co-create the future with God. We are active contributors in the formation of our world.

+ We live in the tension of waiting + getting results. We actively participate in our life regardless of outcomes.

+ Lead fully. We develop women to catalyze their best leadership contribution in every space.